Kicking Computer

* Unwanted pop ups
* Odd/Unusual behaviour
* Difficult to use your internet
* Random keyboard/mouse activity
* Unexpected sounds
* Programs start unexpectedly
* Freezing or slow running
* Operating system won’t load

Your computer maybe infested with malware or viruses.

April's Computer Houeskeeping can HELP!


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Lindsay Chamber of Commerce



Computer Maintenance


Computer Issue Check List

  • Computer running slow
  • Unwanted pop up messages
  • Viruses
  • Lost files
  • Can't access certain programs
  • Frustrated!



Services Offered

  • Virus and software removal

  • System backup

  • Computer scanning for problems

  • Install external devices: printers/scanners

  • Update software and security programs

  • Internal/external dusting
  • Assistance purchasing new systems